Horizontal Pharma Peeler

The Horizontal Pharma Peeler is a batch type automatic / semi automatic filtering centrifuge. The axis of rotation of the basket in this centrifuge is horizontal. It is ideally suited for a clean room installation - ’’through the wall’’ using a flexible membrane as required in pharmaceutical applications.

Cycle of Operation

FEEDING : A filter media is fixed to the cylindrical surface of a perforated basket. The feed slurry is directed to the basket wall using a feed pipe. Feeding is carried out while the basket is rotating at an appropriate speed. After the required cake is built, feeding is stopped. The Centrifuge is run for some time to partially de-water the solids. Feeding can be repeated if there is adequate space for further build up of cake.

WASHING : After feeding, washing is carried out by pumping wash liquid through the feed cum wash pipe.

SPINNING : The Basket is run at Spinning Speed to complete the de-watering process.

SCRAPING : The speed of the basket is reduced to Scraping Speed. A Scraper Knife cuts the solids, discharging them through the chute.

HEEL REMOVAL - OPTIONAL : Some material remains on the filter media after scraping and is called residual heel . This heel can be removed by using the heel removal system.

CLEANING IN PLACE - OPTIONAL : Centrifuge can be cleaned using a CIP system.


Optional Features

Material of construction : Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, Fluoro-polymer coated (like ECTFE, PFA etc).

Available Sizes (Basket Dia ): 630 mm to 1500mm (Special sizes can be designed on request)

Volume under Lip : 40 to 550 lit per batch

Max Permissible Load * : 40 to 550 kg per batch

Centrifugal Force : 920 to 2028 - depending on size of Basket

Speed of Basket : 1050 to 2400 RPM - depending on size of Basket

NOTE : Horizontal Pharma Peeler Centrifuges is advised for a non-sticky crystalline product which can be easily cut by the scraper blade.

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    Stainless Steel Horizontal Pharma Peelar

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    Stainless Steel Halar Coated Horizontal Pharma Peelar

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    Separation of process area and service area