D Parikh Engineering Works, ISO 9001 certified, came into existence in the year 1948. The company started with just, employing 2-3 workers and doing mostly repair work for textile mills.

From this modest beginning, today we are India’s leading manufacturer of Basket centrifuges / hydro extractors and have executed a large number of prestigious and complicated custom built equipments like Pressurized reaction vessels with Agitators, Heat Exchangers & Towers (distillation columns). The Company has suspended its activities in custom built equipments to concentrate on proprietary products like Centrifuges / hydro extractors.

Our centrifuges have been successfully working in various industries such as Pharmaceuticals (API / Bulk Drugs), Chemicals, Dye-Stuffs, Dye Intermediates, Flavour, Food, Textile, Herbal, Garment, Writing Instruments and Research Centre & Institutes. We have also specialized in manufacture of various types of Hydro Extractors and these are successfully operating in Textile Industries.

At Chemtech 2005, we have introduced for 1st time in India a completely cleanable bottom Driven centrifuge first time in India, which eliminates V- Belts and oil for clean room application.

We started manufacturing Horizontal Pharma Peelers in 2003 and the same was displayed at Achema 2003, Frankfurt, Germany. Since then we have sold more than 100 Peeler Centrifuges.

We pioneered the concept of cleanable centrifuges in India and displayed our Bottom Discharge centrifuge with a Fully opening Outer body at Achema 2000. Since then we have sold more than 500 centrifuges that have a Fully Opening Outer body.

We supply machines upto basket diameter of 2100 mm.

There is a constant upgradation of our machines and these are regularly showcased at Achema (Germany) and Chemtech (India) exhibitions.

Customer Focus

The focus of the company has always been Quality, Customer Satisfaction and After Sales Service. In just over 6 decades our group has supplied more than 5500 centrifuges / hydro extractors locally and internationally. Customers have rewarded us for this policy by way of repeat orders, many of whom have more than 10 centrifuge machines and some have between 30 to 150 centrifuges. Our machines have been exported to Europe, USA, Mexico, Canada, Israel, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Bangladesh, Mauritius, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Oman, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania.